Dia ECO plugin/patch

What is it?

This is a dia plugin (and a dia sheet and two shapes) to aid drawing ECO-maps in dia. Here's what it can do (Screenshot | DIA file (needs the plugin to display anything but a circle)):

An ECO map depicting a fictional client with some external relations

Yes I know, wikipedia says disturbed relations should be curvy, but I need them to be stricken through.

Where can I get it?

Tarball containing the added files (to 0.96.1) and a diff for the build system

Not being familiar with dia (and being used to the niceties of C++) I'm sure this patch contains a couple of bugs, but it works for me. Any suggestions and/or improvements are of course welcome.

I needed this to work on MS Windows as well, but all the instructions on how to compile dia seem to use MS Visual C++ 6, which I don't have, and all my attempts to use the free 2008 stuff Microsoft offers failed with some error about msvcrt9.dll. I didn't even try to come up with a mingw build system for my lack of experience with compiling stuff on windows.

Since I only needed to produce a working eco.dll I used code::blocks to hack together a little project for just the DLL and then hacked some more to produce an installer for dia including my plugin. I'm not proud, but it works. Any pointers on how to do it the right way are welcome.

I've got some cool stuff related to this patch. How can I contact you?

A valid E-Mail address can be generated by taking the longest part of this domain name, appending an @, then the same part of the domain again, then appending “.de”.

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